How to Create Authentic Maine Lobster Rolls


Written Preparation Instructions for Authentic Maine Lobster Rolls

The total plating, melting the compound butter, & toasting the buns is approximately 10 minutes. You can download a printable version of these instructions using the link at the bottom of the page.

  • Store lobster meat, mayonnaise, compound sea-salted butter and brioche rolls under refrigeration until ready to serve.
  • Place non-stick griddle pan on stovetop over medium heat for about two minutes.
  • Take one sea-salted compound butter and melt in small saucepot over medium heat. Alternatively you could place butter in microwaveable safe dish for 30 seconds or until melted. Reserve warm.
  • Place the second piece of compound butter on griddle so it will begin to melt.
  • Put brioche hot dog rolls side-down on top of the griddle, 2 minutes per side or until they are perfectly golden brown and warmed.
  • Remove lobster meat from refrigerator and put in mixing bowl, add enough mayonnaise to coat the lobster meat evenly or as much as your personal preference.
  • Remove toasted hot dog rolls from griddle.
  • Evenly divide mayonnaise-dressed lobster meat and fill into each of the buns.
  • Place on serving platter and (optionally) drizzle with the reserved melted sea-salted compound butter on top.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy.
  • Looking for video instructions? Please view our “How to Make Authentic Maine Lobster Rolls” video demo here.
  • Note: Lobster meat should be consumed within four days of arrival. Lobster meat, compound butter and rolls can be frozen up to one month. After freezing thaw lobster meat, rolls & butter in refrigerator overnight.

Authentic Maine Lobster Roll